What We Do

Creating a Self-Reliant Community

Launched in 2017 by Founding President & CEO Marita Garrett, she recognized there was more than the FreeStore Wilkinsburg needed to create self-reliance and general wealth-building within her community. Civically, Inc. envisions a community that is truly self-reliant and creates opportunities from within that has a positive and sustainable impact. Knowing that for a community to flourish, residents must be engaged and connected to the tools to steer their own empowerment and prosperity. We exercise multi- approaches to accomplish this effort by focusing on creation of sustaining communities, public health advocacy, literacy, and equity building.

To accomplish these efforts, our programs meet one or more of the following objectives:

Addressing the basic needs of community members

Promoting civic and community engagement

Further community revitalization through community-led economic development

FUNDING awarded

To date, Civically has brought over
$3 Million to the Pittsburgh East End Region

Thanks to the support of both private and government entities, we have successfully raised over millions in funding within the last 4 years.  These incredible milestones allows us to further our mission of empowering individuals and fostering positive change within our community. 

Join us as we continue our efforts to grow our surrounding region.

$2 Million+
Awarded by Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program for redevelopment of the Hunter Building, the largest commercial building in the business district.

Received from Keystone Communities Grant Funding to acquire the Hunter Building


From Community Development Block Grant to continue Fresh Market programming

Received from PA Department of Community and Economic Development to assist with programming and operational expenses

Civically aligns with partners to develop strategic relationships that help expand our reach. Join us as we create a more sustainable community.

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